My complete list of publications can be found below. A selection of my most significant publications is described in the following:

With regard to the latest project on "Apocalypse (Not) Now", a number of indicative essays have already been written, which can be divided into the thematic axes described in Research II. This year (2023) or beginning next (2024), two essays will be published in this regard: one dealing with the pandemic ("Pandemia transatlántica. Miradas literarias curzadas y apocalípticas sobre COVID-19." In: Nuevos acercamientos a la literatura hispánica sobre la pandemia de COVID-19. New York: IDEA, Colección Peregrina) and another focusing on ecological apocalypse ("Cuando la naturaleza se vuelve agente: poshumanismo [t]ec[n]ológico y [t]ec[n]ocrítica en La mirada de las plantas (2022)." In: El poshumanismo en la ficción especulativa en español del siglo XXI. Kassel: Reichenberger). Late last year (2022), an essay has already been published that addresses all three thematic axes, presenting a new Hispanic apocalypse: "Edmundo Paz Soldán and Jorge Carrión. An (Exo-)Canon of a New Hispanic Apocalyptic." Impossibilia. Revista Internacional de Estudios Literarios. 24. S. 82-106.

My research is also characterized by a strong interdisciplinary character. In this sense, an essay on the new historical novel is expected to appear in 2025 ("Conquest 2.0: Rewriting Colonial History in Abel Posse and William Ospina." In: A Game of Mirrors. Colonial Culture and the Latin American Imagination. Vervuert/Iberoamericana: Frankfurt/Madrid) and in the past I have written a dossier on multilingualism and interculturality in comparative literature ("Transnational Conversations. Multilingual Writing and Cultural Exchange in Europe and the Americas." Boletín Hispánico Helvético. 39-40. 2022. pp. 447-630) as well as an essay on human rights in literature ("Beyond the Margins: Human Rights Violations Against Undocumented Persons, Homosexuals, and Women in Inter-American Narrative." Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses. 81. 2020. pp. 97-112).

Finally, I would like to mention my two larger monographs that deal with the aesthetics of violence in the works of Gabriel García Márquez and other Colombian authors (La estética de la violencia en algunas obras de Gabriel García Márquez y de otros autores colombianos. Master's thesis. Fribourg: University of Fribourg. 2013) and, on the other hand, with the migration literature of US Latinx people described in Research I (Identidades múltiples. Hibridismo cultural y social en la narrativa hispanounidense de los siglos XX y XXI. Alcalá de Henares: Editorial Universidad de Alcalá, Colección Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin. 2021).