Exemplary syllabus

By clicking below you will find an exemplary course syllabus. It describes the lecture entitled "Apocalipsis ahora. Esbozos de un mundo en crisis en la narrativa hispana actual" that I taught at the University of Fribourg in the spring semester of 2022. The aim of this course was to provide students an overview of recent works of Latin American (and to some extent Spanish) literature, in which authors sketch a world of decay and de(con)struction, taking into account various contemporary events (coronavirus, littering, climate change, nationalist politics, terrorism, etc.). Their texts address, among other things, the impact of globalization, new technologies, and mobility on Spanish-language prose. The primary focus has been to understand, analyze, and critically evaluate the complex relationship between various apocalyptic events and the nuanced literary responses of contemporary Hispanic prose. Among the novels discussed in the lecture were Violeta (2022) by Isabel Allende, Allá afuera hay monstruos (2021; Eng. Out There There Are Monsters) by Edmundo Paz Soldán, Lo viral (2020; Eng. The Viral) by Jorge Carrión, or Restos humanos (2013; Eng. Human Remains) by Jordi Soler.