Teaching evaluations and teaching improvement activities

To the same extent that I provide students with feedback on their performance and development potential, I also repeatedly give them the opportunity to evaluate my teaching in a transparent manner. This happens both through official teaching evaluations, through specially developed evaluation forms, or in the form of voluntary feedback by students. Although I am very pleased to often receive positive feedback on my teaching, this also motivates me to continuously develop it further. I do not see my teaching as perfect, but want to optimize it and adapt it to the needs of the students (cf. Gerber 2011, p. 244). For this reason, I regularly attend various didactic training courses, including the DAS on Secondary Education (Lehrdiplom für Maturitätsschulen) and the CAS on Digital University Teaching (Did@cTIC). Personally, the linking of teaching and research is very important to me. My focus is not only on the continuous development of my professional knowledge, but also on how to pass this knowledge on to others and how to develop it together. For example, the viewpoints and reflections of my students also influence my research and broaden my horizons at the same time. As mentioned at the beginning:

" Once you have become a master in one thing, you should become a disciple in another…" - G. Hauptmann
… and it is best to remain this way for life!